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Pubblikazzjonijiet u Politika tal-Gvern

Dawn li ġejjin huma pubblikazzjoniet mill-Ministeri, Dipartimenti u Entitajiet varji tal-Gvern ta' Malta: 


Rapporti annwali tad-DIPARTIMENTI TAL-GVERN

   Annual Report of Government Departments - 2013
   Annual Report of Government Departments - 2012  
baġits tal-gvern

gazzetta tal-gvern


ministeru għall-finanzi

affarijiet barranin

   Travel Guide
   Convention of Maltese living abroad - 2010


   Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Malta Report) - 2011
   A National Curriculum Framework for All - 2012
   An Early School Leaving Strategy for Malta - 2012
   Policy Documents


   National Youth Employment Strategy 2015
   Nista' - Essential information for women returners
   Nista' Pre-campaign Research 
   Study on Call Centers
   Early Exit from Employment: The experiences of Maltese men who left work before retirement age
   Women and Work
   Lone Mothers on Benefits: Their Work Aspirations and Experiences
   Research Study on Obstacles to Mobility
   Employment in the environmental goods and services industry in Malta 
   Telework “Is It For Me?”
   The School to Work Transition of Young People in Malta
   Breaking the Mould


   Social Security Department Annual Reports (since 1995)
   Benefits Information Leaflet


   Strategic Environmental Assessment on Malta's Aquaculture Strategy
   Green Paper on the Wine Sector
   Thermal Power Stations and other combustion installations - Technical Guidelines
   Waste Incineration - Techincal Guidelines
   A Proposal for a Water Policy for the Maltese Islands - Public Consultation Document
   Assessing the Feasibility of Waste to Energy Technologies in Malta
   Situation Audit of the Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Maltese Islands
   Agricultural Waste Management Plan for the Maltese Islands
   Waste to Energy in Malta - Scenarios for Implementation
   Establishing common models of integrated sustainable monitoring, planning and management of high           environmental value areas to control natural resources degradation.ontrol of Natural Resources
   Waste Management Plan for the Maltese Islands 2008 - 2012 - Consultation Document​
   Rehabilitation Strategies for Maghtab, Qortin and Wied Fulija landfills​
   National Strategy for Policy and Abatement Measures Relating to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
   National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy - Consultation Report
   National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy


   Programming of European Funds for Malta 2014 -2020 - Public Consultation Document
   Calls for Project Proposals - All Funding Programmes (Open Calls)
   Calls for Project Proposals - All Funding Programmes (Closed Calls)
   Cohesian Policy Documents


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