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Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 20,438 of 10 July 2020


No. 749




IT is notified for general information that the following Bills are published in the Supplement to this Gazette:


Bill No. 145 entitled the Broadcasting (Amendment) Act, 2020;


Bill No. 146 entitled the Minor Protection (Alternative Care) (Amendment) Act, 2020;


Bill No. 147 entitled the Criminal Code (Amendment No. 3) Act, 2020;


Bill No. 148 entitled the Civil Aviation (Security) (Amendment) Act, 2020; and


Bill No. 149 entitled the Residual Balances Fund Act, 2020.



10th July, 2020


No. 750




Appointment of Chairperson and Members of the Strategic Environment Assessment Focal Point


IT is hereby notified for general information that, in exercise of the powers conferred by regulation 15 of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation 549.61) and for the purpose of those Regulations, the Prime Minster has approved the following appointments:



Dr Pierre Hili



Mr Andrè Caruana

Mr Godwin Mifud


These appointments are effective from the 7th July, 2020, for a period of three (3) years.


10th July, 2020


No. 751




Period of Quarantine Order, 2020


The Superintendent of Public Health notifies that in accordance with article 2 (1) of the Period of Quarantine Order, 2020, the quarantine of the persons travelling from Istanbul, Turkey, on the 8th July, 2020, with scheduled arrival in Malta at 18.10hrs and departing from Malta to Istanbul, Turkey, on the 9th July, 2020, with scheduled departure from Malta at 17.00hrs, shall be subject to those conditions of quarantine as communicated to them by the Superintendent.


10th July, 2020


No. 752


Advisory Committee on Health Care Benefits


IT is hereby notified for general information that in exercise of the powers conferred by Schedule C (Art.22)3)) of the Health Act 2013, and for the purposes of that Act, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health has made the following appointments on the Advisory Committee on Health Care Benefits for a period of three years.


Chairperson Ex-officio

Mr Joseph Rapa


Deputy Chairperson Ex-officio

Dr Denis Vella Baldacchino


Lead Chairperson Ex-officio

Dr Walter Busuttil



Dr Victoria Sultana

Ms Antonia Formosa

Ms Rita Micallef

Dr Paula Cauchi


Member Ex-officio

Mr Mark Borg


Member Ex-officio

Dr Phyllis Bezzina


Ing. Karl Farrugia



Dr Dorianne Farrugia


10th July, 2020


No. 753




IT is hereby notified for general information that the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy has made the following appointments on the National Cyber Security Steering Committee.



Dr Charlene Grima

Ms Carmen Buttigieg



Ing. Efrem Borg

Mr Matthew Yeomans

Ing. Antoine Sciberras

Lt. Ryan Mallia

Insp. Timothy Zammit

Mr Alan Decelis

Mr Jason Farrugia

Mr Trevor Sammut

Mr Stephen Grixti



Dr Ian Borg


These appointments are valid for a period of three years with effect from 1st July, 2020.


1st July, 2020


No. 754




Appointment of the Fostering Board


IT is hereby notified for general information that in exercise of the powers conferred by article 38 of the Minor Protection (Alternative Care) Act, and for the purpose of that Act, the Minister for the Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity has approved the appointment of the Fostering Board, for a period of four years with effect from the 1st July, 2020, as follows:



Dr Dianne Galea



Ms Dorianne Attard

Ms Darlinka Barbara

Mr Julian Calleja

Ms Donatella Cassar Bruno

Mr Mike Orland

Mr Ronnie Vella



Ms Dorothy Vassallo


Government Notice Number 1202 is hereby revoked.



10th July, 2020


No. 755


Melita Transgas


Board of Directors


IT is notified that the Minister for Energy and Water Management has appointed the Melita Transgas Board of Directors as shown below with effect from 8th June, 2020 (as per Cabinet approval) for a period of 1 year.



Mr Francis Cassar



Ing. Raymond Azzopardi      

Mr Raymond Falzon  

Dr Alessandro Lia

Ms Yovanca Barbara 

Mr Emanuel Vassallo

Mr Keith Borg



Dr Phylis Aquilina


10th July, 2020


No. 756




THE Commissioner of Police, in terms of articles 7 and 8 of the Private Guards and Community Officers Act 1996, hereby notifies that the following applications as mentioned hereunder have been received:


Application for licence of Private Guards                


Name and SurnameIdentity Card No.Address
Noel Muscat269684M23, Milanello, Triq l-Għassies, Marsaskala
Maria Concetta Camilleri18068M108, Fleur, Triq Francesco Buhagiar, Birkirkara
Mark Falzon62871M127, Triq Bormla, Paola
Kurt Azzopardi187101L31, Horton Crt, Flat 2, Triq l-Aħwa Zammit, Ħal Qormi
Fouzia Gauci121912LNaipaul, Blk 3, Flat 1, Triq il-Belt Valletta, Ħal Qormi
Miriam (Maria) Friggieri464754M18, Stella Maris, Triq Danny Cremona, Il-Ħamrun
Dylan Casha406195M11, Swollow, Triq is-Sliem, Il-Marsa
Christian Muscat270491M5, Triq Dun Luret Zammit, Iż-Żurrieq
Edward Goodrum237778MBlk K, Flat 1, Triq L-Għansar, Santa Luċija
Dylan Mallia469689M30, Flat 1, Triq Maitland, Il-Ħamrun
Joseph Azzopardi12596GWhite Pampas, Triq John Otto Bayer, Ix-Xagħra, Għawdex
Publius Cauchi126861M19, Maria Apts, Flat 4, Triq J. Quintinus, San Pawl il-Baħar.
Antoinette Cauchi377992MSweet Home, Triq Ta' Cordina, Għajnsielem, Għawdex
Marica Tabone469976M27, Coral, Crt Flat 2, Triq Ir-Ramel, San Pawl il-Baħar
Antoine Attard Saliba32901LChampignon Crt, Mais 1, Triq Il-Ħemel, Is-Swieqi
Orson Mackay155100L22, Triq l-Imtieħen, Il-Belt Valletta
Zikic Ljubomir172896A107, Daisy Crt, Flat 14, Triq J. Quintinus, San Pawl il-Baħar
Tony Chircop440679M95, Birds of Paradise, Flat 1, Triq Sir Temi Zammit, L-Imġarr
Nathalie Magro494167M121, Triq Salvu Psaila, Birkirkara
Ricky Schembri501662M126 April Love, Triq is-Sienja, Ħ'Attard
Margaret (Margaret Mary) Spiteri479266M12, Thank God, Triq Salvu Curso, Is-Siġġiewi
Ryan Azzopardi8190G9, Sunrise, Triq it-Tin, Ta' Sannat, Għawdex
Josephine Mejlak12595G68, Triq ir-Ramla, In-Nadur
Rosaria Martin337460M38, The Peak Exclusive Res P1 P/h 7, Triq Ġużè D'Amato, Ħ'Attard
Ryan Gatt440188M188E, Flat 7, Triq Sant' Orsla, Il-Belt Valletta
Owen Busuttil558976M17, Triq Mikielang Sapiano, Ħal Luqa
Antonina Zammit48785ACamrata, Ir-Raba' Sular, Flat 4, Triq il-Merkanti, Il-Belt Valletta
Milan Milosavljevic238316LTeal Crt, Flat 22, Triq Santa Venera, L-Imsida
Aleksandar Volkov251175AUrsoline, Flat 14, Pjazza Mons. Isidoro Formosa, Tal-Pietà
Ezekiel-Gorg Mintoff282494M45, Triq Ġużè Pace, Santa Venera
Anton Micallef382974MRommar, Flat 2, Triq San Franġisk, Il-Ħamrun
Raymond Gatt31663M24, Magann, Triq iż-Żnuber, San Ġwann
Natalina Galea37162M40, Woodstock, Flat 1, Triq is-Sajjied, San Pawl il-Baħar
Carmelo Gusman257097M16, Misraħ Santa Marija, Iż-Żejtun
Carmen Gusman578479M16, Misraħ Santa Marija, Iż-Żejtun
Pierre Monsigneur524575M36, C. J. Monsigneur, Flat 2, Triq il-Baċir, L-Imsida



Any person may, within one month from the publication of this notice, object in writing to the Commissioner about the issue of the above licences on any of the grounds listed in section 10 of the Private Guards and Community Officers Act 1996, which are:


(a) where the applicant or any officer of the applicant or any person who has an effective control of the services to be provided by the applicant.


(i) has been convicted in Malta or elsewhere of any crime against the safety of the state, or of any crime of voluntary harm or injury to any person or any crime against property or public trust or any other serious crime; or


(ii) has been declared bankrupt or his financial position is precarious or otherwise renders the applicant unsuitable; or


(iii) has been discharged from the police or armed forces or the prison services because of any offence or other misbehaviour; or


(iv) is a public officer or a member of the police or armed forces or the prison services; or


(b) when information is available which is in the public interest; or


(c) where the applicant does not possess the necessary qualifications as may be prescribed by or under the Act.


10th July, 2020

No. 757




THE Commissioner of Inland Revenue notifies that, on the date shown hereunder, the price of gold and silver on which valuations made by the Consul for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are based has been fixed for the purposes of article 14 of the said Act as follows:


                                    Date                              Pure Gold                    Pure Silver

                                                                             Grams                           Grams


                                    10.7.2020                    €51.806                       €0.557


10th July, 2020


No. 758




Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources for Voluntary Organisations

(Second Call)


IN ORDER to further encourage the use of alternative sources of energy, the Minister for Energy and Water Management has made the following Scheme.




1. Interpretation


In this Scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:


'Applicant' means an enrolled and compliant voluntary organisation as defined in the Voluntary Organisations Act (Cap. 492) and has made an application in terms of this scheme;


'Application' means an application for participation made in such manner as required by the Regulator and in terms of this scheme;


'Regulator' and 'REWS' means the Regulator for Energy and Water Services;


'compliance with planning permission requirements' means that the Photovoltaic installation (and the building where this installation is sited) complies with a valid development permit, or is permitted development under the Development Notification Order and the Planning Authority's procedures and guidelines including “Development Control Policy and Design Guidance and Standards 2015" and/or any later updates;


'Durability period' means five years following the contract signature date;


'Effective date' means the 24th August 2020 starting from 10:00 a.m. and ending on the 3rd September 2020 at 12:00pm, during which applications shall be accepted as stated in this Notice;


'Malta' means the Maltese Islands;


'Owner' includes 'joint ownership', 'emphyteuta' includes 'joint-emphyteuta' and 'tenant' includes 'joint-tenant', and 'emphyteuta' includes 'sub-emphyteuta' and 'tenant' includes 'sub-tenant';

'Premises' means the location where the Photovoltaic system is installed;


'Termination of scheme' means the date when project being implemented by MEW is closed;


'You' or 'your' refers to the VO named as the Applicant in the application form.


'Scheme' means the scheme established by this Government Notice whereby Voluntary Organisations may apply to be awarded a photovoltaic system to be installed and kept functional throughout the durability period on the premises used by the Voluntary Organisations for their voluntary activities.


2. Eligibility


This scheme is open only to Voluntary Organisations for use on the premises used for their voluntary activities and where they are the ARMS account holder with respect to the electricity service.


An Applicant to be eligible under this Scheme must satisfy the following criteria:


i. have obtained planning permission (if applicable) for the installation of the Photovoltaic system prior to installation, or confirmation by a Perit is given that no planning permission from the Planning Authority is required for the installation of the photovoltaic system and that the Photovoltaic installation will be in compliance with the Development Notification Order, 2016 and the Planning Authority's procedures and guidelines including “Development Control Policy and Design Guidance and Standards 2015" and/or any later updates.


ii. Confirmation by a Perit that the building on to which the system will be installed is of adequate stability and structurally robust to be able to carry the load of the proposed PV installation;


iii. confirmation by a warranted Electrical Engineer that the site provides adequate space for the size of the installation and that the site does not provide any constraints (shading) for the efficient running of the proposed PV installation.


iv. be the owner or an emphyteuta of the premises OR the owner of a long leasehold interest in the premises (i.e. a leasehold term with more than the durability period remaining) with all necessary consents from the owner of the premises. The premises must be used principally by the applicant for the purposes that the same organisation has been set up for. The applicant is not entitled to benefit from this scheme if the premises is used principally for business purposes, including the letting of the premises on a commercial basis;

v. not have applied for or obtained other grants or other support for the Photovoltaic system that will be installed under this scheme from any other support schemes that include national or public funds such as Government of Malta funds;


vi. allow relevant organisations involved in the implementation and control of this scheme including MEW and Auditors to inspect the photovoltaic installation within the applicant's premises after due notice is given;


vii. accept that the applicant's data may appear on public documents or published on the MEW website;


viii. connect the Photovoltaic installation to the Enemalta grid and undertake proper and continued operation as well as maintenance of the same equipment;


ix. not exercise the right to obtain, or has not obtained any tax rebate, deduction including deductions of input tax credit from the output tax in terms of the Value Added Tax Act (Cap 406), or other tax refund however so described, with regard to photovoltaic system installed under this scheme.


x. present a valid electricity bill, issued in the name of the Voluntary Organisation for the consumption of electricity at the premises where the Photovoltaic system is to be installed. The name of the applicant and the service address should refer to the premises where the system is to be installed and electricity service point to be used to connect the system to the grid. The date of issue of the electricity bill should be within the last 12 months prior to the date of application. The applicant may also submit a statement signed by a Water Services Corporation or ARMS Ltd official confirming that an electricity account exists, but a bill cannot be issued and providing details of the account holder, consumer scheme and service address;


xi. have not benefited under the first call of the Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources for Voluntary Organisations.


In addition, an Applicant cannot apply more than once under this Scheme and the Applicant must also satisfy the conditions required in the guidelines shown in Schedule II to this Government Notice.


3. Applicability


This scheme applies to an eligible applicant (VO) operating in Malta, for which an application has been made on an effective date and which application was approved by a confirmation letter.


4. Manner of Application and documents to be submitted together with the Application


i. For an Application to be valid under this Scheme, it must contain all the information, details and documents as mentioned in the application form shown in Schedule III to this Government Notice and as may be required in terms of this Scheme, and as listed in the guidelines shown in Schedule II to this Government Notice. Incomplete and/or modified application forms will not be processed. Furthermore, application forms with modified declarations will not be processed;


ii. Only those Applications that follow all the requirements of this Scheme shall be eligible for participation in the Scheme established by this Government Notice. Applications that do not meet any of the criteria required by the Scheme at the time of Application shall be rejected.


iii. The number of photovoltaic systems available for allocation under this Scheme is limited. Therefore, the number of eventual beneficiaries shall be limited so that the maximum amount of photovoltaic systems allocated will not exceed the amount available as shown in Schedule I to this Government Notice.


iv. Applications shall be processed and eventually accepted according to their order of receipt by the REWS, until the amount available as shown in Schedule I to this Government Notice has been reached.


Applications that are submitted prior to the effective date shall be rejected and shall be deemed automatically invalid.


5. Form of Application


Applicants may apply to participate in the Scheme in the application form found in Schedule III to this Government Notice and as stated in the guidelines found in Schedule II to this Government Notice.  The de-minimis state aid rules shall apply to the applicants under this scheme.


6. Validity of Application


An Application shall not be deemed to have been submitted unless it is full and complete in all material and unless it contains all the information required and is accompanied by all documentation requested. An Application shall be deemed to have been approved by the MEW only when specifically approved in writing to the Applicant by means of a letter of confirmation sent by the MEW.


7. Duration of the Scheme


Applications for this Scheme may be validly received during the effective date of this scheme. This Scheme may be renewed as may be deemed necessary by the Minister for Energy and Water Management.


8. Obligations of the Voluntary Organisations


The applicant shall abide by the terms and conditions established by this Government Notice, including the Guidelines found in Schedule II, and the clauses of the contract to be entered into after the issue of the confirmation letter.


9. Amendments to the Scheme


The Minister for Energy and Water Management shall always have the right to make any amendments to this Scheme by means of a notice published in the Gazette containing such amendments.




Number of installations to be granted under this scheme on a first come first served basis:


Up to Twenty-Five (25) photovoltaic systems with a generating capacity of 7.2kWp DC provided with a three-phase inverter to be connected to the grid with a three-phase connection.


Thirty-six (36) Photovoltaic systems with a generating capacity of 3.6kWp DC provided with a single-phase inverter. The number of 3.6kWp systems available may be increased if the 7.2kWp DC systems are not fully allocated.




Guidelines to this scheme: (




Application form: From page 5764 to 5769 (


10th July, 2020


MEW Scheme app form Gaz 10.7 


Electoral list Gaz 10.7


Door numbering Gaz 10.7



No. 769




WITH reference to Government Notice No. 709 published in Government Gazette No. 20,432 of the 3rd July, 2020, it is notified that the file should have read J44/2002/I/18 and not J44/2002/I/8.


10th July, 2020